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Small Business Services

“I’d love to talk with a lawyer, but I can’t afford one right now.”  It’s a refrain that many small business owners recite when faced with a difficult decision.  Indeed, many small business owners waste countless hours and spend untold amounts of hard-earned money attempting to navigate thorny legal matters rather than calling a lawyer.

At Swansburg & Smith, PLLC, we believe small businesses—the backbone of the American economy—should receive the highest quality legal services at a cost that allows them to save the capital they need to thrive.  Have a contract to review?  We can assist you with that.  Need outside counsel advice for a miscellaneous matter?  We can help with that, too.

And we can perform these services based on a flat rate that our clients know and approve up-front.  Small businesses have enough to worry about.  Our attorneys are ready to work with them and help move them business forward together.

Small Business Services: Service
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