Dispute Resolution

Sometimes, disputes cannot easily be resolved.  In those instances, Swansburg & Smith, PLLC, stands ready to advocate for the rights of our clients.  We defend employers in employment and discrimination matters, and represent businesses, organizations, and individuals in a variety of litigated claims.  Our attorneys are experienced litigators before administrative agencies and state and federal courts, and have represented large and small businesses, non-profit organizations, governmental agencies, and individuals. 

Areas of practice include:

  • Labor and employment disputes (employers only)

  • State tort claims

  • Contract and business disputes

  • Claims involving allegations of violations of administrative regulations and federal and state statutes

  • Representation before administrative agencies, trial courts, and appellate courts

Of course, litigation is not always the right answer for a client.  Disputes may be handled without the need to walk into a courtroom.  Having served as outside counsel and in-house for organizations that have been involved in high profile litigation, we understand that clients want attorneys who know when to fight zealously and when to move on as a matter of business.   


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